Who is the baker behind Love + Macarons? You will finally get to learn more about Tiffany and her small home business.



No brick + mortar here (yet!), but please find us at the Midtown Farmers Market. Schedule is listed below!


Capn Crunch "Oops! All Berries!"

Another popular cereal flavor amongst everyone alongside our Fruity Pebbles Macs, would be our Capn Crunch Oops! All Berries Mac. Give it a try at our next pop up!

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You can find Love + Macarons at the Midtown Farmers Market in Sacramento every other Saturday. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to keep updated with our pop ups! Market dates are posted on our IG profile. 

Midtown Farmers Market, 20th St, Sacramento, California 95811, United States

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Reminder: We are a home business. Hours posted are for the Midtown Farmers Market only. L + M will be there every other Saturday, so be sure to follow us on IG @loveandmacarons and keep updated with pop ups & other events!

Before inquiring, please be sure to check out our current list of flavors and how to order. Thank you!

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here you can find us at these locations. but please be sure to follow us on Instagram for an updated schedule.

No upcoming events.